The Portable Moving Vault is the perfect way to move and not feel rushed to get everything packed in just a couple of hours. Imagine packing at your own pace. On your time-table. To your standards. We deliver the vault to you, you fill it up, the next week we take to the new location, you unload it at your leisure the next week and we remove the empty vault at the end of the two week period. Advantage of using our product is the vault is no ramps for loading or unloading, level loading systems so your items do not shift in the loading process. We have a professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you through your moving experience.

    StoragePortable Moving Vault

    When to Use the Portable Vault

    • Moving to new home
    • Decluttering
    • Kids moving back home or to college
    • Remodeling or home repair
    • Spring cleaning
    • Moving documents from location to location

    Why Use the Portable Vault?

    • Pack at Your Own Pace
    • We deliver to you
    • We move fully loaded vaults
    • We remove empty vaults
    • No ramps needed